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If you are looking for a therapist or life coach Click on your location in the menu at the top of the page. All of the listed therapists will come up. Click on each picture to learn more about each provider.  If you are looking to see who accepts your specific insurance Click on the menu for the sidebar and click on your specific insurance carriers. If you are in crisis If you feel you are in crisis or have a mental health emergency outside of a counseling session, it is extremely important that you call 911, go to the nearest emergency room of a local hospital, or call one of the County Crisis Lines Hood River County, 541-386-7534 Wasco County, 541-296-6307 (after hours 1-888-877-9147) Klickitat County, 509-773-5801 Skamania County, 509-427-3850

Ann Hansen, M.S.

Ann Hansen, M.S. Yoga Therapist/Coach Yoga informed guidance for personal growth and healing Call or Text: 541-400-0159 Serving adults and teens at our farm studio location in Hood River or via Zoom  I work with clients using the foundational principles of yoga; breathwork, therapeutic movement, mindfulness practices and meditation to address a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms. Yoga Therapy sessions are for people who want to explore yoga and breathing techniques to address a specific health issue or condition. Using a holistic, integrated approach, I assess imbalances to get to the root of the problem and empower individuals to understand and manage their own nervous system. I do breathwork analysis and coaching to help manage many conditions including stress, sleep disorders, anxiety, and digestive problems. Sessions are typically one hour long and include time for checking in and discussion, followed by a customized prac

Triskele Rivers Care Farm

Triskele Rivers Care Farm Farm-Based Therapeutic Services for Children, Teens and Adults We provide farm-based therapeutic services for children, teens and adults. We support clients in areas such as managing stress & anxiety, regulating energy, improving attention, developing social skills, parenting support, and managing grief. Our approach integrates Expressive Art, Animal-Assisted Learning, and Yoga Therapy. We believe in supporting the development of a strong sense of self, compassion, and interpersonal skills. Our programs offer the opportunity for: Expressive Arts & Animal-Assisted Learning Equine-Assisted Learning Yoga Therapy Farm experiences on our 33 acres Space for quiet reflection Our team has combined extensive backgrounds in Counseling, Equine/Animal-Assisted Learning, Human Development, Special Education and Yoga Therapy.  To learn more about our unique services and credentials, please visit 

The Dear Neighbor Project

It’s pretty simple –  write  a letter,  receive  a letter.   Dear Neighbor is a Gorge-wide letter exchange for anyone who calls this place home. It’s one small way to keep us connected and sharing our stories, in spite of pandemic restrictions.  Letters can be written in English or Spanish and we’ve offered some writing prompts if you need a little help getting started. So put down that hand sanitizer, pick up a pen (or pencil, or crayon, or…) and go write a letter! Here’s our tagline :  6 counties, 2 states, 1 place -  connecting the Gorge through letters. Some important details:   1. Folks can remain anonymous if they’d like and any information we gather is kept private. 2. It’s open to all ages, English and Spanish (we have a Spanish version of the webpage here ) 3. Here’s the FAQ page neighbor

Paul Grim, LMHC

Paul Grim, LMHC 509-281-0889  Therapeutic philosophy My approach is called “transpersonal psychology” which I implement using a mind/body approach in my counseling sessions. Transpersonal psychology combines a variety of approaches in psychology, including behaviorism, cognitive psychology, neurology, and humanistic psychology, along with other disciplines, including Eastern and Western philosophy, and mindfulness. Traditional psychology is interested in a continuum of human experience and behavior ranging from severe dysfunction, mental and emotional illness at one end, to what is generally considered “normal”, healthy behavior at the other end and various degrees of normal and maladjustment in between. Transpersonal Psychology is a full spectrum psychology that encompasses all of this and then goes beyond it by adding a serious scholarly interest in the immanent and transcendent dimensions of human experience. Therapeutic

Kristen Fourcade, MSW, LCSW

Kristen Fourcade, MSW, LCSW Inner Sight Counseling, LLC Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm, evenings and weekends available upon request Phone: (541) 600-4451 Email: Website: SESSION FORMAT: Accepting new clients for sessions via phone or Telehealth video (video is HIPPA secure).   For those looking to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, strengthen relationships, or build out a toolbox for mental resilience, working with a therapist is a tried and true method. Finding the right therapist is an important first step in the process, and I want to be the best fit for you and your needs. My therapeutic style focuses on insight and compassion and supports anyone 13 or older looking for help and personal growth.   SPECIALTIES INCLUDE: Age 13+ Anxiety and stress Depression Life transitions Relationship issues, boundaries Trauma and PTSD I/DD and Autism Thought disorders   ADDITIONAL FOCUS AREAS INCLUDE:   Working with loved ones of peo

Understanding IBS

Understanding IBS | A Free Webinar IBS is very common but poorly understood.  This often leads people to think 'it's all in my head' or 'just anxiety'. There are hundreds of research studies that have made great progress in understanding the root causes of IBS. The unfortunate fact is that many doctors & patients aren't aware of this research or the effective treatments. Join Dawson Farr ND & Scott Rower PhD for this free, 45 minute webinar.   Register Here -