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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Therapists who are licensed obtain one based on the Master's Degree they received.

Master's in Social Work are eligible to become Licensed Clinical Social Workers, or LCSW. (Oregon)

Other Master's Degree holders are eligible to become Licensed Professional Counselors, or LPC. (Oregon)

Other initials:

If it says QMHP after their name, that means Qualified Mental Health Professional, not yet licensed.

LMHC means Licensed Mental Health Counselor
with Master's of Science (Washington)

Your insurance may prefer an LCSW for billing, though this is becoming less common.

LCSWs in the Oregon Gorge area:

Brubaker, Tom LCSW, CAS, 541-386-5744

Jepson, Sue LCSW, 541-490-0831, sjepsonlcsw@gmail.com

Kenslow, Tiffany LCSW, Kenslow & Sisko, LLC, http://kenslowandsisko.com/info@kenslowandsisko.com, 541-386-2337

Muirden, Melanie LCSW, mmuirden@gorge.net, 541-298-4895 or 541-5442

Patterson, Jim LCSW, 541-298-5000

Reichmuth, Sally LCSW, 541-386-9191

Rekas, Jane LCSW http://www.janerekaslcsw.com/, janerekas@hotmail.com, 971-285-5679

Stevens, Michael LCSW, 541-806-7997

Therapeutic Solutions, Melanie Muirden LCSW, mmuirden@gorge.net, 541-298-4895 or 541-5442

Torres de Guzman, (Herme)Linda LCSW, hermelinda@gorge.net, 541-387-6138, now works at Providence Gorge Counseling

LPCs in the Oregon Gorge area:

Kramer, Ann LPC, http://lifepuzzle.com/, 541-399-3066

Moller, Robbie MA LPC (541) 386-7820

Sisko, Susan LPC, Kenslow & Sisko, LLC, http://kenslowandsisko.com/, info@kenslowandsisko.com, 541-386-2337

Lori Elderkin, LPC, CADC I, formerly Walters, 541-806-4546, www.loriwalterscounseling.com

LMHCs in the Washington Gorge area:

Grim, Paul, LMHC, 509-493-2080

Madian, Loraine G., M.A., LMHC, (541)-490-1786 http://www.bluebirdcounseling.com

Compassionate Counseling
Sarah Oaks MS LMHC
John Lloyd MA LMHC
1000 Steuben, Bingen WA

Unlicensed counselors may be able to offer a reduced fee:

Forbes, Jennifer MA, http://www.jennifereforbes.com/, 541-386-6667

Gray-Davis, Donna, donna@donnagraydavis.com,541-386-4450

Woolery, Paul MA, http://paulwoolery.byregion.net/, 541-386-1650


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