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Psychologist or Psychiatrist?

Question: What Is the Difference Between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?

Answer: The simplest way to describe the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is that a psychologist primarily aids the depressed patient by counseling and psychotherapy. A psychologist also does evaluations and testing, often for legal purposes or applications for social security.
A psychiatrist may also perform psychotherapy; but, in addition, can prescribe medications. A psychiatrist specializes in psychotropic medications (for mental health). A psychiatrist is a medical doctor or M.D.
A psychologist may hold a doctoral degree Ph.D. and be called "doctor"; but, is not a medical doctor (M.D.). The Psy.D. or Doctor of Psychology is a professional doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Psychiatrists in the area:
  • Chambers, Liz MD is a children's psychiatrist for Providence Gorge Counseling, 541-387-6138
  • Ferber, Dan MD was a consulting child psychiatrist at Mid-Columbia Center for Living in Hood River and The Dalles, but now works in Vancouver
  • Humann, Kim was a consulting psychiatrist at MCCFL also 
  • MacMillan, James MD, former medical director of Mid-Columbia Center for Living and had a private practice now closed in The Dalles, (541) 296-4243 Deceased
  • McCabe, Daniel MD is a psychiatrist for Providence Gorge Counseling, 541-387-6138
  • Dion, Denise MD is a psychiatrist at 400 East Scenic Drive SUITE 2343, The Dalles, OR 97058, 541-980-5372, Retired 
  • If you can't get in to a local psychiatrist for adolescents, Dr. MacMillan recommends:
  • Rosen, Marvin MD, Mind Matters Child Psychiatry 503-297-8039
  • Borkan, Eugene MD, 503-574-6595 at Providence in Portland
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Albers, Lynette, Nurse Practitioner at MCCFL
  • Curry, Elisabeth FNP, (541) 436-0900 - MOVED TO ASHLAND
  • Colin A. McInnes Jr, PMHNP, 1620 E 12th St The Dalles, OR 97058, (541) 296-9151 (Office), (541) 296-9156 (Fax)
  • McAlexander, Katrina, Nurse Practitioner at MCCFL
Psychologists in the area:
  • Blanck, Ticia PsyD,, (541) 296-4243
  • Bushberg, Sandy M. Ph.D., http://www.drbushberg.com541-380-0395
  • David Henehan, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist at Providence Gorge Counseling, 541-387-6138
  • Koenig, Margaret PhD, 541-806-2494
  • LaPointe, Karen Anne PhD, Psychologist, 541-386-4009
  • Oosterbaan, Kellie, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist, Registered Dietician,  (541) 386-6070
  • Rower, Scott, Ph.D., 503-451-0875
  • Ruttenburg, Bruce Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist now in Private Practice
  • Wade, David Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist, 541-436-2998 
School Psychologists

Jill Bennett and Suzanne Warren

Psychosexual Evaluations for Court
  • Jim R. Hamer, (541) 490-0681 (Office) (541) 308-0154 (Fax)
  • Melanie Kelly (formerly Muirden), LCSW (541) 298-4895 or (541) 490-5442

Alcohol & Drug Evaluations for Court
  • Lori Elderkin, LPC, CADC I, formerly Walters, 541-806-4546
  • Jim Patterson, LCSW, CADC-I (541) 386-0008 Fax: (541) 308-0009

Jim Hamer and Melanie Kelly do psychosexual evals for court. I believe I should be able to do the AOD evals, I have done one previous one. I am not sure about the PhD question. Right now I still have the same email address.

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