Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Parenting Education

2010 Fall Activity Guide for HR (includes Wasco County Info) Spring guide should come out soon

@Mid-Columbia Child & Family Center, The Dalles:
Strengthening Families Program, Jan. 27 - March 10, 2011
For Parents and Youth 10-14
over now, but might be repeated

@Mid-Columbia Senior Center, The Dalles
Body Works (Teen Health & Nutrition)
For Parents and Teens (9-14)

@Life in Christ Center, The Dalles
Explosive Child Book Club

@ The Next Door, Inc., Hood River & The DallesOpen Enrollment Parenting Education
Can't seem to get signed up for parenting classes by the time they start? Now we have a more convenient class for you. Enroll anytime, get started anytime. This class series focuses on children ages 0-8.
Parents, grandparents, foster parents, and caregivers can learn new skills and better understand, nurture, and care for the children in their lives. Classes are in both The Dalles and Hood River.

By Jane Rekas, LCSW in Hood River
Turtle Dove Counseling Parenting Classes
Alternatives to Control
Parenting ODD & ADHD
The Inflexible Explosive Child

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