Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bottom Line: What Does Therapy Cost?

"The price a therapist charges is based largely on four things: her level of training, years of experience, reputation, and location. "More highly trained, experienced therapists in urban areas are going to be at the high end: from $90 to $350 or more for a 45- to 60-minute session," says Susan Heitler, PhD, a marriage therapist in Denver and author of The Power of Two: Secrets to a Strong and Loving Marriage. In some areas you might be able to seek help at a mental-health center or see a therapist for as little as $40 per hour, and some offer a sliding scale based on your income. Many therapists accept certain types of insurance, but that varies across the country. Insurance companies and policies vary widely in their coverage. You may be more likely to get coverage if you have a diagnosable disorder, like depression or anxiety, than if you have marital problems or are suffering from grief, but always ask."

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