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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Insurance Billing

Clearing Houses:
The best that I know of is http://officeally.com/

CAQH Universal Provider Network

Links & Tips

Aetna - http://www.aetna.com/

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon - http://www.bcbs.com/  If your BCBS if from another state, coverage depends on whether their panel has reciprocity with Oregon.
Provider Login https://ros.regence.com/signon/content/uRegenceLogIn.jsp

Clear One http://www.clearonehp.com/

Clear One as part of PacificSource - http://www.clearonehp.com/OR/Prospect/Individual/HealthyKidsConnect.aspx  serving kids on Healthy Kids Connect Plan

Managed Healthcare Northwest (MHN) - http://www.mhninc.com/

Medicare - http://www.medicare.gov/  
Apply through https://www.noridianmedicare.com/
Clearinghouse http://officeally.com/ can be connected for billing

MHN (Managed Health Network) - http://www.mhn.com/ (Includes Health Net)

ODS - http://www.odshealthplans.com/  *alert some member's plans require preauthorization before first appt.
Benefit Tracker https://www.odshealthplans.com/EBTWeb/
Provider Manual http://www.odscompanies.com/pdfs/prvdr_man_med.pdf
Provider Customer Service 888-217-2363 Treatment Plan

Pacificare (Pacificare Behavioral Health) - http://www.pbhi.com/  (part of UBH)

PacificSource - http://www.pacificsource.com/  serving kids on Healthy Kids Program

For more information on Healthy Kids, visit http://www.oregonhealthykids.gov/

Providence Health Plans (Pacificare Behavioral Health) - http://www.pbhi.com/  (through UBH)

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon - http://www.or.regence.com/
If your BCBS if from another state, coverage depends on whether their panel has reciprocity with Oregon.
Provider Login https://ros.regence.com/signon/content/uRegenceLogIn.jsp
Benefits 1-800-780-7881
Provider Support 1-503-225-6619

Regence Blue Card - National Program
Provider look up site

TriCare - http://www.tricareonline.com/

TriWest Healthcare Alliance - http://www.triwest.com/
Provider Site https://ros.regence.com/signon/content/uRegenceLogIn.jsp

United Behavioral Health - http://www.unitedbehavioralhealth.com/
Check Claim Status 800-410-7778
Claim Tips https://www.ubhonline.com/html/claimTips/index.html
Guidelines & Policies https://www.ubhonline.com/html/guidelines/index.html
Clinical Portal https://www.ubhonline.com/
Forms https://www.ubhonline.com/html/forms/index.html

United Healthcare - http://www.uhc.com/  (part of UBH)

One Health Port  http://onehealthport.com/
Health Plan Sites
Aetna via NaviNet
Asuris Northwest
Community Health
First Choice Health
Group Health
KPS Health Plans
LifeWise Health Plan
of Oregon
LifeWise Health Plan
of Washington
PacificSource Health Plans
Premera Blue Cross
Blue Shield of Alaska
Premera Blue Cross
Providence Health Plans NEW
Regence BlueShield
Uniform Medical Plan

Employee Assistance Programs:

ComPsych - http://www.compsych.com/services/behavioral-health-programs
Provider Resource Center https://www.compsych.com/providers/login/login.html

Concern EAP - http://www.concern-eap.com/

Deer Oaks EAP - http://www.deeroaks.com/

ENI (Employee Network Inc.) - http://www.eniweb.com/

MHN (Managed Health Network) - www.mhn.com/home.do

Reliant Behavioral Health - http://www.reliantbh.com/

United Behavioral Health - http://www.unitedbehavioralhealth.com/

Workplace Options (Network Advantage) - https://www.networkadvantageservices.com/


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