Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Caregiver Village

Caregiver Village is an online place to connect with other people who face similar challenges, obtain valuable resources, share journal entries and read those of others about caregiving journeys. Visitors can meet well-known authors and participate in their book clubs and play our Village Chronicles game, for learning or just for fun. The Village Chronicles is an entertaining on-line mystery adventure story that integrates caregiving situations into a game-like atmosphere. You can connect with your friends, find links to valuable resources within Caregiver Village, solve puzzles, achieve ranks, and earn badges. It’s a learning experience that is engaging and fun.

Family caregivers are exhausted, stressed to the point of illness and frustrated by their isolation. Caregiver Village’s virtual village creates a close knit community where caregivers can discover a sense of deep personal satisfaction – and escape – from the hard, intense work of family caregiving; while simultaneously learning how to handle their stress and building online connections with people in exactly the same situation as them.

It’s time for a new solution. It’s time for Caregiver Village.

•An escape from worries; an innovative way to gain new skills.Games and episodic TV works because they provide escape. Caregiver Village engages caregivers for hours as they play an episodic game while they engage and learn. They return to play the next episode deepening their engagement and learning.

•Real support and connections. Caregivers need support. Caregiver Village creates an online ‘village’ environment where caregivers engage for hours as they interact with others while they and learn and escape. People connect based on common needs and interests in a place that becomes their own village of support and encouragement.

•The power of sharing. Caregivers need to share their story with others. Caregiver Village gives caregivers a means to share their story through the creation of an online journal, guided by supportive experts and well know real life authors. These authors host discussion groups and interact with village members. They help them share their own stories and they discuss topics of community interest.

•A treasure trove of resources. While Caregiver Village is an escape and outlet for stress, it is also packed full of valuable resources for caregivers. Over 1,000 resources, including courses, tip sheets, caregiving products and hundreds of links to disease specific resources are personalized to their needs.

•Advanced technology. Caregiver Village is not just a website. It is a technologically advanced product that uses the most modern technologies available - mobile technology, gamification, social networking, social media, web based course delivery and other advanced technologies - to solve one of the country’s most desperate problems.

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