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  • Children, teens and families are seen for individual and family therapy by child and family therapists, usually with Master's Degrees.  
  • Children and teens are seen by Ph.D. level psychologists for testing and evaluation.  Children and teens are seen by psychiatrists for medication evaluation.
  • Court cases involving custody determination require the input of a PhD level clinician or a specialist. 
  • Child and Family Therapists are mandatory abuse reporters but are not child abuse investigators.
  • Children with developmental disabilities are identified and served through Early Intervention and Development Disabilities services through MCCFL.

Outpatient Individual, Family and Group Counseling
without Crisis Services (available working hours) call 911, your Pediatrician or go to the ER after hours
in private practice
Outpatient Individual, Family and Group Counseling with Crisis Services
Agency Based Master's Degree Level therapists
Agency Based Oregon
Agency Based Washington

Psychological Assessment, Testing, Evaluation, Medication
Child Abuse Assessment Specialists

Intensive Family Services and Family Sex Abuse Treatment
In-Home Safety and Reunification Services ("ISRS")
Avie (Ferris) Stacey at MCCFL
Day Treatment for Minors with Addictions and Sex Offending Minors
Day Treatment
No Local Options
Adolescent Psychiatric Sub-Acute Care, Day Treatment (in Portland), Crisis Placement, Residential
Support Groups
School Counselors and School PsychologistsSchool Districts Special Education
Hood River
Wasco County
Early Intervention and
Developmental Disabilities
Early Intervention:
Hood River
Wasco County
White Salmon
MCCFL Hood River and The Dalles

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