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Your Brain is a Control Freak

By Scott Rower, Phd

Humans are motivated by two things… A) to move TOWARD what we want
B) to move AWAY from what we don’t want Very simple right? This makes sense since our brain’s main priority is to keep us alive, to survive. Get safe shelter. Get lunch, don’t be lunch. Find a mate. Stay away from people that want to hurt you. In short, the strategy is to control or avoid potential threats. So of course the brain craves to control as much as possible, it’s only doing its job.  However, this instinct can often get us into trouble and can be responsible for some of the most significant suffering possible as a human. Think of one person you know that is really struggling with a lot right now in their life. If you think about what’s not going well for them and how they’re reacting to it I bet you can see how they are striving for some type of control.   And it’s not working well for them. Yet, they continue to do it anyway. Part of the problem is that us humans did something no other animal ha…