Heather Nielsen, LPC, CHWC

Heather Nielsen, LPC, CHC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Hello, and thank you for making time to visit this site! It takes courage to seek support for our suffering.  

My mission and purpose is to serve my clients with compassion, connection, empathy and integrity.

Since earning my Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology in 1993, I've spent my professional life working in the education, health, and counseling fields, bringing together my passions in human development, behavior change, positive psychology, mindfulness, and health and well being. I've forever been curious about how and why we are the way we are! Nature? Nurture? Culture? Free will? Why do we humans often act in ways that clearly don't serve us?! And -How can we cultivate healthier habits of mind, body and spirit to reduce our suffering and increase our joy?

If you are suffering with a chronic illness, grief, loss, life transition or mood disorder, you have found the right place. I understand and have deep experience and practice supporting people in these situations.

I offer free 15 minute phone, video, or in-person consultations to see if we are a good fit, and if now is the right time.

You can reach out to me by leaving a confidential voicemail at: 541-716-5795, or by sending me an email at: heather@heathernielsenlpc.com.