Jennifer Bivona, LCSW


Jennifer Bivona, LCSW
 Hiraeth Psychotherapy
16 Oak Street, Suite 203

The guiding values of my practice are authenticity, intention, and connection and I am likely a good fit for you if you are seeking more of this in your life. The word Hiraeth has its origins in the Welsh language and is believed to translate as a longing for one’s literal and figurative homeland. I believe that many of the people I have worked with, over the last 15 years, seek therapy in this search for something that is missing, a sense of isolation and alienation, and being part of marginalized communities. In turn, I have a practice that can support you in this exploration of your “homeland” and to increase in connection to self. 

I’m passionate about working with the transformative teenage years and the growth and change that continues to take place in adulthood.  My general areas of practice are with Mood Disorders (Bipolar and Depression), Anxiety, PTSD and trauma, and navigating stress and life changes. In addition, I have a particular interest in providing recovery support for those who are navigating life in sobriety and/or are trying to remain sober. 

Treatment Models and Frameworks– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level 1, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness.  I’ve recently just completed Level 1 training in SP and hope to continue growing in the areas of Somatic and Mindfulness based therapies. 

If you have questions about my approach and would like to explore if we could be a good match in your growth, please give me a call for a free 30-minute consultation.