Lucy Mason, Life Coach

Lucy Mason CPC

 As a Whole Person Life Coach, Lucy works with clients who are in the midst of the uncertainty and ambiguity of a transition. They are trying to regain balance and sustained well-being. They come to explore their yearning to connect with their true meaning and purpose, bringing all of who they are into how they live their lives. Through coaching they cultivate the courage needed to untangle the knots of unhelpful behaviors, beliefs or expectations. They learn to honor the wisdom that comes from within by embracing their own truth; this leads to greater insight in navigating life’s challenges. We are all searching to see ourselves and to be seen in the world in all of our wholeness. Whole Person Life Coaching acknowledges and embraces the fullness of that experience and gently facilitates the journey to greater clarity and inner peace.

Lucy earned her BA at the Friends World Program of Long Island University, an international school dedicated to experiential learning and global citizenship.  She received her training and certification as a Whole Person Life Coach through Baraka Institute/Coach Training World.  She lives in Hood River, Oregon, with her husband and two children.