Rebecca Hunter, MSW

Rebecca Hunter, MSW
Therapy for Adults and Teens

Call or Text: 541-400-0186

Like many therapists, I'm doing tele-therapy and phone therapy until July 2020. I recommend an open minded approach to change.

Tired of feeling stuck? Most people wait too long to get help. Let's get started! You're busy and just want to feel better, so that's the main focus in our first few sessions. If you want to talk about the past, that's great. But let's start with the present, shall we? Action-oriented therapy starts with what's going on in your life today... so you can feel more in control of things. See my website at for more info about me and my work.

I specialize in helping with depression, anxiety, relationship or career issues. My training in mindfulness is used as a platform for helping you get control of your life. I practice an updated approach to therapy, with education, resources and action items every session to help you progress quickly.

I have a Masters from USC, many years of experience, and extensive additional trainings under my belt. I keep things casual, flexible and goal driven. Most importantly, I am passionate about my work! What do you have to lose? Let's get started!