Scott Rower, PhD

Scott Rower, PhD 

Licensed Psychologist
409 Sherman Ave in Hood River

**I currently have openings for new clients and have adjusted my practice to online and phone visits.

This pandemic can bring up a lot of stress and kick up our habitual patterns that keep us stuck and not coping well (anxiety, worry, depression, checking out, addiction, etc). Stuffing our emotions is not a useful strategy & getting overwhelmed by them obviously is not helpful either.  Managing your stress and mental health is essential for coping well with this pandemic that will be with us for some time.  We can each do our part to respond to this crisis rather than react.

I am a safe guide for helping people who are ready to do the work of changing their stuck patterns.

I can help you cut through the confusion & focus on the core of what’s relevant in order to make the changes you want.
  • research-based training
  • kind & compassionate presence
  • zero judgement

I especially enjoy working with people that...

  • find it hard to truly trust other people
  • struggle with chronic anxiety & are ready to finally let it go
  • find emotions overwhelming & cope by staying busy & in their head
  • have interest in mindfulness
Read more about how I work with my clients here.

Ages: 18+
Insurance: All insurances accepted, in-network rates with Pacific Source (private version, not OHP)