Tyriss (Tawnia) Anthony, LCSW

Wisdom Within Counseling and Ceremonies LLC 509 Cascade Avenue, Suite D
Hood River, OR 97031
(503) 560-1265

I offer family therapy & individual counseling to youth (13yo+) and adults using a strengths-based, empowerment approach. By incorporate body awareness and mindfulness practices, clients benefit from accessing deeper wisdom than the mind alone can offer. Social justice and cultural context are key factors in mental health and these are included as part of the overall picture. Respect and honoring of each person and their unique life path is central to my work with clients. I allow space for truth to arise from within oneself and offer guidance to support the process.

Working with people on the fringe brings me great joy- the ones who dance to a beat of their own; the ones who are courageously stepping up to claim their right to be joyful and free. Sitting with people from diverse backgrounds and stages of life keep things fresh. Personal empowerment, anxiety, depression, exploration of gender and sexuality, anger management, trauma and grief are areas I’ve most enjoyed working with people around. I specialize in counseling teens, where potential for positive change is huge. With the growing capacity to reflect, and the playfulness of youth still intact, teens can make great strides with support and guidance.

As a departure from traditional counseling, I have seen the deeply transformational power of bringing ritual into our daily lives and ceremony to our life transitions. Over the past 20 years I have been studying and participating in ritual and ceremonial practice, utilizing elements from a variety of traditions. Within the past 10 years I have been assisting people in creating personalized ceremonies for life transitions. This has been a very rewarding and impactful part of my work and I believe serves as a wonderful addition to counseling.