Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Manage Your Mood with Mindfulness, Movement, and Meals!

Manage Your Mood with Mindfulness, Movement, and Meals!

Heather and yoga therapist/teacher Meg Becker will co-facilitate a 6-week class series starting February 13th. This class is for anyone looking to both learn and practice new (or perhaps under-used!) tools for healthy, natural mood management. Feeling fatigued, or irritable? Anxious and/or depressed? Wanting more energy and more balanced mood but just can’t land on a lasting strategy? Join us in a compassionate space. Group limited to 10 participants, held in the beautiful Triskele Rivers studio in west Hood River. Contact Heather for more information. Healthy Connection members receive a 25% discount on registration fee! ​

Heather Nielsen, LPC, CHWC
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Health and Wellness Coach
 541-716-5786- confidential voicemail for HCHR practice
541-716-5795 - confidential voicemail for private counseling practice

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