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Introducing a New Therapy in the Gorge

Rebecca Hunter, MSW,
Hi! I am Rebecca, a private practice therapist in Hood River. I am happy and excited to take over for Jane in the running and management of Therapy in The Gorge. I will be slowly making changes to this site based on feedback from my colleagues and our community. Therapy in the Gorge is a valuable resource for finding professional help and I intend to make sure it is meeting the needs of our community.

Please feel free to send me feedback or questions at any time! Please also feel free to get involved in this community resource. If you see pages that have out-of-date information, please lend a hand. If you have better ideas, bring them on! Most importantly, if you are looking for help to feel better and are having trouble finding someone, give me a call or email. I know many of the talented therapists in this area and am happy to refer someone I feel can help you reach your specific goals. This is an awesome place to live and work!

For Therapists:
If you'd lik…