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Need Help With Insomnia?

Overcoming Insomnia Online Course
Mondays 5:30 – 7pm starting Nov 12th

The course is based on the principles of the only evidenced-based, drug-free treatment for insomnia called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (or CBT-I for short).  This course will help you to…

•Address lifestyle factors that are getting in the way of sleep
•Practice specific techniques focused on the underlying causes of your insomnia
•Recognize and address thoughts & beliefs that affect your ability to sleep
•Learn stress management techniques for chronic stress

The course is 5 weekly, live meetings online.

This will NOT be pre-recorded. You will have opportunities to ask questions and will be encouraged to interact with other participants. A computer with a web camera is highly encouraged to fully participate, though not mandatory.

Each class will clearly explain the underlying factors of insomnia & provide clear suggestions on what to try differently for the coming week.

The fee for the course is $80.

Mind Full Life, a mindfulness intensive

MIND FULL LIFE…a mindfulness intensive for people who are curious about changing their lives. 

Feeling Overwhelmed? This will help.

This 6-week intensive is brought to you by Rebecca Hunter, MSW, a local therapist. We will cover topics such as The Brain and Your Mental Health, Letting Go and Healing Relationships, She will teach you through experiences and compelling discussion what you would learn in months of therapy.

Mindfulness has been shown to:
Help manage stress
Reduce anxiety and depression
Improve relationships with self and others
Gain clarity and focus

When? Every Tuesday morning at 9am beginning on November 4th-December 11th. The series is $40 per class or $225 for the 6 week series. Walk-Ins are welcome if space allows.
Where?  The Good Medicine Center for Healing Arts,  a beautiful studio space at 1029 May Street in Hood River
Call, text or email for more info! Register with Rebecca Hunter, MSW   541-400-0186