Ash Wylder, Life Coach

Ash Wylder
certified high performance coach
(407) 404 3714

As a high performance coach, I teach activists and holistic-health entrepreneurs who struggle with healthy boundaries and burn-out, how to master their mindset and habits so they can be more engaged, joyful, confident, and effective in the face of any circumstance. 

I work with activists and holistic health entrepreneurs nationally and locally who have difficulty holding boundaries for themselves, communicating their real wants, and turning off at the end of the day so that they can relax and enjoy their life.


  • Daily Habits

  • Mindset

  • Goals and Aspirations

  • Radical Self-Care

  • Relationships

  • Joy and Presence  

If you are an individual eager to change their life by communicating more clearly, effectively “turning-off” and enjoying free time, and being your best self no matter the context, please book a free 30min Discovery Call here.

If you are a small business, non-profit, or environmental organization interested in elevating the impact and effectiveness of your leadership team, please email directly to receive information. 


“High Performance means succeeding beyond the standard norms consistently over the long-term, while maintaining positive well-being and relationships.” And, “High Performance Living is the ongoing feeling of full-engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self.” So, High Performance is using your mindset and habits to elevate your authenticity, effectiveness, and joy in every area that is important to you. 

Offerings for Individuals:

  • 12-Week High Performance Boot Camp (application only)

  • Single and Package Hot-Seat Coaching 

Offerings for Groups

  • High Performance Leadership for non-profits, environmental organizations, and small businesses.

  • Breakthroughs Intensives for groups of individuals, non-profits, enviro orgs, and small businesses. 

People that I love to work with...

  • Want to contribute in meaningful ways. 

  • Have an open mind.

  • Trust the process AND trust themselves.

  • Want to fully live and release the guilt of enjoying life.

  • Are excited to make an impact. 

  • Believe in the interconnectedness of life. 

  • Have a desire to be of service AND take care of themselves. 

  • Desire to authentically be in relationship with themselves, their families, and their communities. 


  • Clarity: Where are you now? Where are you going?

  • Necessity: Who needs you? Who are you a role model for?

  • Energy: Do you have enough? How can you generate more?

  • Courage: What are you avoiding? What might you lose?

  • Productivity: Are you being effective? Are you moving forward?

  • Influence: Who do you need to back your mission? Do they?

To see if we would be a good fit for working together, please book a Free 30 minute Discovery Call here.