The Dear Neighbor Project

It’s pretty simple – write a letter, receive a letter. 

Dear Neighbor is a Gorge-wide letter exchange for anyone who calls this place home. It’s one small way to keep us connected and sharing our stories, in spite of pandemic restrictions. 

Letters can be written in English or Spanish and we’ve offered some writing prompts if you need a little help getting started. So put down that hand sanitizer, pick up a pen (or pencil, or crayon, or…) and go write a letter!

Here’s our tagline:  6 counties, 2 states, 1 place - connecting the Gorge through letters.

Some important details: 
1. Folks can remain anonymous if they’d like and any information we gather is kept private.
2. It’s open to all ages, English and Spanish (we have a Spanish version of the webpage here)
3. Here’s the FAQ page