Agencies WA

Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health (White Salmon)
432 NW Tohomish, White Salmon, WA 98672 (509) 493-3400   

Candi Didier, MS, Director
Experience: 25 years experience, specializing in DBT, adolescent and adult therapy: depressions, anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorder, PTSD and people with chronic mental health problems. Also does Cognitive Processing Therapy.

Leslie Smith, MA
Experience: Child and adolescent family therapy: depressions, anxiety, mood disorders.

Carol Jurs, MA
Experience: adults, adolescents and families: depression, anxiety, and mood disorders, and PTSD.

Kari Heistand, MD 
Experience: Generalist Psychiatrist, works primarily with adults and adolescents

Ronda Connell, CDP
Experience: adult AOD counseling

Jeff Wolfhager, CDP
Experience: adults and adolescents AOD counseling

Lisa Belding, casemanager

Judy Estabrook, MA (LMHCA in Washington, Behavioral Health Specialist
NorthShore Medical Group, White Salmon  509 493 2133 Ext. 578