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Mindful Eating, Clear Mind, Calm Couples, Pleasant Parenting

  • Adult Women
  • Teens
  • Couples
  • Parents
  • Mindful Eating
  • Substance Use Disorders

There is not guarantee that this information is current. If you find that a therapist is not seeing clients, would you please provide us with feedback to update this list.


Beginning November 12th 2012 TSI will be offering anger management services to individuals in the gorge with services provided in both Hood River and The Dalles.
Services will be provided in ten individual sessions in order to work through the stages of change using a curriculum that assists clients in understanding and managing their anger. Sessions will last for one hour and cost $45 per session. Clients will complete homework and practice new skills outside of class as part of the curriculum. We will also offer a reduced cost, voluntary follow up group after clients complete the 10 sessions.
We have chosen to provide individual services as a way to personalize treatment. This allows us to determine stage of change, motivations, assist the individual in understanding their problems and understand their relationship with anger. We believe that through individual sessions clients will get a greater benefit through the personal attention at the same cost as a group session.

Ms. Kelly holds a masters degree in Social Work received from Portland State University in 2003. She has been licensed as a Clinical Social Worker since December of 2005 and is licensed in both Oregon and Washington. She is a certified sex offender treatment provider in Oregon.

Ms. Hertrich has worked for 20 years in the criminal justice and social service field. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Childhood development and has specialized training in victim and offender treatment. She has extensive training in behavioral modification and abuse issue.

Ms. Elderkin has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and is both a licensed professional counselor and a certified alcohol and drug counselor I and has specialized training in addictions and trauma. 

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