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Jennifer Szolnoki, LCSW 
Two Rivers Coaching and Counseling
107 W Jewett Ave.
White Salmon, WA 98672

My name is Jennifer Szolnoki and I am a Counselor and Life Coach. I offer heart centered support to help you create change in your life:

  • Individual Counseling (adolescents and adults). I help people with depression, anxiety, life changes and transitions, grief and loss, trauma, stress, low self-esteem, relationship issues, health challenges, emotional stress or distress, insomnia, adoption, and adult adoptee issues.
  • Couples Counseling. I help couples in distress deepen their connection to each other and to themselves. Together, we address unhealthy patterns and blocks to trust and intimacy that can lead to isolation, upset, and potential separation.
  • Life Coaching. I provide wellness coaching, resume and interview coaching, and personal change coaching. In our work together, I help people form clear goals, identify what’s holding them back, and take supported action to move past their blocks, reach their goals, and create a life with deeper meaning and fulfillment.
Counseling and Life Coaching are different processes with different goals - though they can use some of the same skills and tools.My approach is highly individualized, based on what's most important to you and your goals. The counseling/coaching relationship starts with you. I offer a free consultation
to help you decide which is best for you if you are unsure.

Experience: I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and earned my Master’s of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Washington. I have over 14 years of clinical experience including: General Counselor/Youth and Family Counselor; Psychiatric Assessment Team Evaluator; Child Protective Services Social Worker; Coordinator of an at-risk youth mentor program; Permanency Planning Social Worker; Life/Career Coach; and Adjunct Faculty teaching life skill workshops for adults. In addition to my social work clinical training, I have received coach training through the ICF certified school Mentor Coach, which has a focus on positive psychology (the scientific study of what helps people thrive).


Flux Therapy, LLC

Roberta Grant
107 West Jewett
White Salmon, WA
My experience is with children, adolescents,and adults with issues of depression, anxiety, abuse, parenting issues, chronic pain, illness, and PTSD/trauma. I use play and art therapy techniques for children who have difficulty verbalizing their emotions. I use outdoor counseling techniques for more active clients such as teens and children. Additionally, I practice therapeutic bodywork. Overall, I offer a safe refuge of a collaborative therapeutic relationship for the traumatized, depressed, or anxious client where they will hopefully gain new coping skills, boundaries, and relationships to replace the traumatic pain they have left behind.

Laughing Goddess Healing
Sarah Oaks, MS, LPC, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor located on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. I’ve worked for 15 years in the Gorge, helping adults, children, and families manage stress effectively, enjoy healthier relationships, create productive work environments, and feel more daily peace.

I am here to support you, wherever you are on your path of healing. Areas of particular interest include:

  • Recovery from emotional, physical, sexual, and childhood traumas
  • Assistance in managing and reducing panic and anxiety
  • Sensitivity to LGBTQ issues
  • Helping couples move past fear and anger into emotional closeness
  • Spiritual growth and healing
  • Support for creative process, including moving past creative blocks 

My practice is cash-only (except I do take UBH insurance), with sliding-fee negotiable.

Looking forward to meeting with you soon!

Loraine G. Madian, M.A., LMHC
Family and Child-Adolescent Counselor
No longer in White Salmon
now works in Camas, WA, 732 NE Second Ave.
Loraine@bluebirdcounseling.com http://www.bluebirdcounseling.com
Experience: Working with Individuals, Families, Youth, Couples

Areas of Expertise: Gestalt, Systems Theory, and Neural Therapies (Life Span Integration and EMDR) are used to reduce stress and facilitate healing of trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, and life adjustment issues. Divorce and Co-Parenting Mediation. Sexual Abuse.